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Article: Second Life

Second Life

Second Life

How Manetain’s recycle policy works

It’s getting increasingly imperative day by day to ensure that we lower our impact on the earth and keep an eye on the amount of waste that we produce. While we are working on ways to reduce our footprint further, both at the manufacturing plant and at the packaging level, we’re happy to announce that we recently launched Manetain’s recycle policy and need your help to participate in it. This is to ensure that we can control wastage and reuse some of the materials that can be upcycled to new products for them to get a second life. 

This is how  ‘Manetain’s Second Life Movement’ has been planned. We hope for you to sign up for it and help us make it even better. Meanwhile, if you want your hands on products made from pre-loved fabrics, check out our ‘Second Life’ section, where all products have been sanitized and re-fashioned into the cutest usable products – and they are already discounted for you!


Here’s how you can help us on giving old products a new lease of life. Send us your pre-used Manetain bonnets, robes, lycra buffs and pillowcases as these are products that use a large amount of cloth that can be fashioned into other products. In lieu of you making the effort to send this back to us, we’d like to offer a site-wide discount of 20% on your next purchase. You can send the products to the address below.  Once we have your old products, we inspect them and then send you your discount code via email, which you need to redeem within a month. Do send us your name and phone number/email to connect with you for your discount coupon. Not only will you be able to get a discount, new products will be fashioned out of the old ones, and be listed on the website at a nominal price, giving them a ’second life’.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind. 

  1. Only Manetain items will be accepted. This is to ensure that we complete the cycle for each product. We also know our material best and will be able to fashion it into new products  better.
  2. Torn and soiled items will not be accepted, as there is too much effort, time and more cleaning products needed to make sure that they can be used. This is counterproductive to the whole idea. Please ensure that you are sending us products that are in reasonable shape and not dirty.
  3. Any item which is frayed, damaged beyond use will not be accepted, since it cannot be made into anything.
  4. While it will be great if you send washed pre-used products only. We will also sanitize them at our end to ensure that there are two rounds of cleanliness. These products will be fashioned into non-intimate usage, but it’s still good to have the base material cleaned twice.

Our address: Manetain, Gala No 28, 1st Floor Opp Axis Bank ATM, Guru Nanak Nagar, Behind Sainik Petrol Pump, Ghaben Shah Dargah Road, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai – 400 086 Ph: 9594396561