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Spectacle case - Manetain Store
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Makeup pouch - Manetain Store
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Pencil Case - Manetain StorePencil Case - Manetain Store
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Phone case - Manetain Store
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Manetain’s Second Life products

Get ready to make a bold statement like never before with Manetain's trendy and eco-friendly Second Life products! We've got trendy scrunchies, fancy spectacle cases, fabric bookmarks, chic vanity pouches and phone cases, stylish stationery pouches, beautiful cloth bags, and adorable coin pouches -all at the best online prices! 

Your style and sustainability go hand-in-hand with these upcycled and repurposed accessories. With one get of Manetian's fashion-forward accessories, let the world know that you're taking a stand against fast fashion and helping to reduce waste!

Manetain is more than a brand. Our mission is to make our customers feel empowered and confident in their own skin. Founded by Yuba and Hinshara in 2018, we developed premium-quality hair care products made in India that help celebrate your natural hair texture. Join our strong community of 25,000+ curly heads who embrace their gorgeous tresses without hesitation or apology! The most important thing is that you feel absolutely comfortable with who you are. 

So get out there and make a powerful statement! With Manetain, trendsetting is no longer just about looks; it's about making a stand for the environment and standing up for what you believe in. Let's make the world curlier, wavier, and more sustainable with Second Life products from Manetain like trendy scrunchies, spectacle cases, fabric bookmarks & more!

Trendy scrunchies & Cloth bags

Go fashion-forward with our trendy scrunchies that coordinate perfectly with our cloth bag. Scrunchies are no longer just a nostalgic pattern from your childhood, but they’re now back as an essential fashion accessory of the season. Our scrunchies come in an array of vibrant colours and sizes to match any style.

Our cloth bag isn't just a convenient way to carry your items—it also features ample room for our new vanity pouch. This small pouch is just what you need to store all your small toiletry and vanity essentials. Whether it's spectacle cases, fabric bookmarks, or additional scrunchies, this pouch’s perfect size and shape allow you to bring it on the go without taking up too much room. Finally, you don't have to worry about the mess of misplacing all of your vanity items while running errands or during travel.