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Article: Benefits of using a Cowash

Benefits of using a Cowash

Benefits of using a Cowash

Co-wash, or the practice of cleansing your hair with conditioner only, is slowly gaining ground among those with curly or extremely dry hair predominantly. The method involves skipping shampoo and rinsing your hair – and your scalp – with a good silicone-free conditioner or a co-wash that’s specifically designed to do this.

There are several ways in which adding a co-wash to your haircare routine can be a true game-changer.

It is gentle
The surfactants can be harsh on the scalp, and while it is effective at removing dirt and grime, the surfactants in it can damage your hair. A co-wash, on the other hand, is a lot milder, and is still pretty good at removing all the bad stuff, as you are scrubbing it directly on to your scalp with your fingers. The sulphates and parabens in shampoos tend to rip your scalp and hair off moisture, leading to breakage and dry, frizzy hair. Sure, you could try a sulphate-free shampoo, but a co-wash is gentler and just as helpful when it comes to cleansing your scalp.

It moisturizes hair
Nobody wants to end up with dry, wiry hair, especially after a hair wash. But most shampoos tend to do exactly that; they remove dirt, which works, but they also wash out sebum, which is the nourishing oil in the scalp that actually protects and moisturises hair. Which is why a co-wash is a great idea. It helps retain the necessary oil in your scalp and lends ample moisture all the way down your strands, making your hair softer and manageable while adding some much-needed bounce.

It makes detangling easier
If you dread working a comb through your hair, in between washes, trust us, you are not alone. Detangling can be a chore, especially if you have curly or wavy hair, as the hair tends to coil up and get all wild and frizzy in a matter of days. Co-wash to the rescue! Co-washing replenishes the hair with moisture, and well-moisturized hair is a lot easier to detangle, because there’s less friction.

Perfect for people who workout
The fact that it is ideal for daily cleansing helps reduce the damage of washing your hair frequently after workout sessions. Post workout hair is sweaty and oily, this cowash provides the nourishment it requires to retain the quality of your hair after a workout session.

It is sustainable
What we mean is that it is a simple routine that doesn’t call for elaborate steps or excessive use of products. In fact, when using a co-wash, a little goes a long way, because moisture overload is not necessarily a good thing either. This also means you don’t have to go rushing to the store to stock up on products too often. Capping your hair wash to just twice or thrice a week is ideal if you want to reap maximum benefits of using a co-wash. This minimises chances of build-up, and also helps seal moisture, giving you plenty of good hair days.

Scalp health
It is ideal for daily cleansing or alternate day cleansing. One major advantage of using our co wash is that it keeps the PH of your scalp balanced. Even after using a clarifying shampoo, you can use the cowash to balance the PH of your hair.

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