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Heat Caps & Shower Caps

Heat Caps & Shower Caps

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Flaxseed Heat Caps - Manetain StoreFlaxseed Heat Caps - Manetain Store
Sale priceFrom Rs. 2,240.00
Washable Heat cap - Manetain StoreWashable Heat cap - Manetain Store
Sale priceFrom Rs. 2,440.00
Reusable Shower Cap - Manetain StoreReusable Shower Cap - Manetain Store
Sale priceRs. 530.00
Shower cap - Manetain StoreShower Cap - Manetain Store
Sale priceRs. 780.00

Manetain’s heat caps for curly hair

Manetain is your ally in the pursuit of luscious locks that exude natural beauty. Whether it’s our esteemed line of heat caps for curly hair, heat bonnets or our new collection of hair care products, we’ll leave you with enviable tresses that are sure to turn heads. Crafted with premium-quality materials and made with love in India, these powerful products nourish your gleaming curls while working to maintain their natural texture.

Our range of Heat Caps for hair offers something for everyone, from washable heat caps to flaxseed heat caps. Whichever style you choose, you can count on our conditioning heat caps to provide unmatched hydration and tranquillity for your curls. Slip on Heat Bonnets and enjoy the blissful warmth that envelops your strands in soothing comfort as you drift off into a deep sleep. 

With the culmination of delectable scents and time-tested formulas, Manetain has thoughtfully developed an entire spectrum of heat caps to meet the needs of every hair type — all designed to protect, condition, and revive your mane!

Conditioning Heat Caps for hair

Introducing our range of Conditioning Heat Caps for hair—the perfect solution for allowing your locks to thrive. Crafted with organic flaxseeds, these heat caps deliver residual warmth over an extended period, enabling the cuticles of your hair to open up as the luxurious power of your deep conditioners penetrate their depths.

Let nature nourish you and your curls in a myriad of ways: use the heat caps for hair to intensify the effects of hot oil treatments, lessen the severity of period cramps, or even cool a raging headache. And if that's not enough, it can also double up as a comforting ice pack in times of need.  

Choose from a spectrum of colours – white, golden, blue, purple, silver, brown, and pink – and make sure you don't miss out on our Flaxseed Heat Caps for hair that are not washable. With proper usage once a week, you'll start seeing the long-term benefits in no time! So what are you waiting for? Revel in the hydrating glory of our heat caps, and let them transform your locks into an oasis of captivating beauty.