About us


What is a brand without a story?

Your hair is the crown you never take off, and goes without saying, for all the curly haired beauties, it is a crown that could be wild.

Having spent years learning how to detangle, style, cut and tame our hair, 2018 was the year, we also learned to embrace it. Having been a part of a community where we spoke about all things hair, we found each other. Several discussions, Two minds, one common passion later: came about Manetain. ♥️

Not only did we want to share products that helped us embrace our beautiful curls, we also wanted to build a community of liked-minded people.

Two years down the line and a community of 10,000+ curly heads and counting, here we are striving continually to offer exclusive hair care accessories with top notch quality.

It’s a story about the CG journey and embracing one’s own natural hair texture. 

with love,

Yuba and Hinshara.