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About us

How we started this curly business

Sometimes, the universe weaves together a story from such unexpected events, that you can't help but call it ‘destiny’. This is exactly what happened with our founders- Hinshara and Yuba.

Two girls divided by geographies, age, and profession, but ‘united by curls!’

Hinshara and Yuba first virtually met each other on a Whatsapp group for curly-haired people. Though Hinshara was an auditor and Yuba a dentist, they clicked instantly. Why? Because they had had similar experiences growing up as curly-haired Indian kids

Both Hinshara & Yuba spent years learning how to detangle, cut, and style their natural hair. Finally, they discovered the Curly Girl (CG) routine and their life changed for the good.

The CG routine helped them fall back in love with their natural, curly, and wavy hair. This not only helped them feel more beautiful, but it also helped them feel more confident and peaceful. They said bye-bye to straightening and heat damage and said hello to healthy curly hair. 

Hinshara and Yuba, now wanted to share this life-changing experience of self-love with more and more people from the community. They realized that most of the good CG products available in the market were foreign-made and hence were very heavy on the wallet. They planned to create a brand that develops premium-quality hair care products made in India.

Thus Manetain Was Born!

A brand that helps women embrace their natural textured hair and as the name suggests, maintain it!

Manetain kicked off in 2018 with heat caps and then launched silk and satin products. In 2021, the brand introduced its first line of hair care products- the co-wash and conditioner. 

Since its launch, Manetain has received a highly positive response from its customer base. From an initial customer base of a few curly-head WhatsApp groups, the brand has grown into a strong community of 10,000+ curly heads!

Yuba and Hinshara know embracing your natural hair is one of the most important steps to practice self-love. Seeing people embark on this journey with Manetain is what motivates them to keep going.

While other brands strive to straighten out the world’s problems, Manetain will always work towards making the world curlier, wavier, and more natural!