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Article: Reasons to buy a Manetain Heat Cap

Reasons to buy a Manetain Heat Cap

Reasons to buy a Manetain Heat Cap

A heat cap is an essential product for a healthy hair care routine, regardless of the hair type. But what does a heat cap really do and what is the best way to use one. At Manetain, we have a range of colours and two kinds of heat caps – a washable one and a non-washable one. The main reason for buying a heat cap should be to retain moisture, which is much needed for a curly girl.

How are the heat caps made and what do they do?

Our Heat caps are made from organically grown flaxseeds that are spread across the entire product in small triangle patterns. This helps in retaining the heat and staying for a longer duration. Microwaving the heat cap for 3 minutes pre-use ensures heat retention for up to 40 minutes. This is ideal for long hair. The heat caps are also extremely good for hair types undergoing transition from
chemically treated hair to regaining natural hair texture. We have done a lot of research on heat caps, and created the one with flax seeds for extra nourishment.

Our heat cap enhances your deep conditioner's performance and helps in strengthening your hair. Indirect heat opens your hair cuticles and helps the product to penetrate deep into your hair shaft.  

Instructions on how to use a heat cap

1. Heat in the microwave for 30-45 seconds or 1 minute, turn it or flip it and again heat for the same duration. You can do this three times, but the total number of minutes should not exceed 3 minutes. Do not overheat, risk of fire. Always watch closely while heating. Heating times are approximate. Microwaves will vary.

2. Do not heat in a conventional oven or stove top.

3. Always do a touch test after removing from the oven and before wearing the heat cap to avoid burns.

4. Always wear a plastic cap under the heat cap.

5. Heat cap produces enough heat for 20-45 minutes, you can heat it again if required.

Cleaning a heat cap:

1. Do not immerse in water.

2. Your Manetain Heat cap can be spot cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent. This tends to be sufficient since you will always be wearing a disposable or reusable plastic shower cap as a barrier between the Heat cap and your product immersed hair. If your cap gets a little linty, simply roll over it
with a lint roller to make it come clean again.

3. Avoid getting products on your heat cap and always try to store it dry.

Other uses:

1. Manetain heat cap can also be used for hot and cold fermentation for body aches. For cold fermentation, keep it in a sealed bag and freeze.

2. Heat processing cap for hair colour, bleach, henna, etc. (basically anything that needs heat to process).

It’s features include:

1. Easy to use.

2. Fully natural and organic.

3. Reversible

4. Salon quality treatment in your home

5. For all hair types and textures

6. Reusable

7. Filled with natural flaxseed

8. No cords, No plugs.

We recommend using our heat cap at least once a week to see better results. A detailed instruction sheet will be sent to all customers with every purchase of our heat cap.

Do use the washable and non-washable heat cap accordingly. We recommend using our washable heat cap with a shower cap if you want, but it can be used without one since it's washable.

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