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Pineapple Caps & Turbans

Pineapple Caps & Turbans

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Pineapple Cap - Printed - Manetain StorePineapple Cap - Printed - Manetain Store
Sale priceRs. 650.00 (0.0)
Plain pineapple capPlain pineapple cap
Sale priceRs. 630.00 (3.0)
Lycra Pineapple Caps - Manetain StoreLycra Pineapple Caps - Manetain Store
Sale priceRs. 650.00 (0.0)
Turban cap - Manetain StoreTurban cap - Manetain Store
Sale priceFrom Rs. 780.00 (0.0)
Twisted turban - Manetain StoreTwisted turban - Manetain Store
Sale priceRs. 750.00 (0.0)

Manetain’s hair turban for curly hair

Experience the magic of transformation with Manetain's Pineapple Caps and Turban caps! From plain to printed to lycra, these voluminous turban head wraps embody confidence and strength. Paired with our range of hair turban for curly hair and turban head wraps, you can experience a bold new look that both empowers and celebrates your natural texture. Fashioned from superior fabric, this range is designed to give your locks the undivided attention they deserve. 

It's time to treat yourself like the goddess you are and step into the world as your true authentic self. After all, there’s never a wrong time to experiment and show off your innate beauty. But don't just take our word for it – explore a realm of colour and composition, and unleash your inner style maven with Manetain's collection of pineapple caps, curly hair turban and head turban. Ride the wave of revolutionary empowerment and discover an elevated journey of self-love.

Turban head wraps & pineapple caps

Adorn your tresses in the most serene of headwear – pineapple caps and turban caps. Say goodbye to mundane bonnets or imbalance buff, and instead embrace these bounties of soft satin that will keep your luscious locks in the perfect place while you sleep, read, watch TV, or engage in any form of leisurely activity. 

Our Pineapple Protectors are made from only the finest 100% pure Satin, and boast an elastic band for maximum hold. Head turban, meanwhile, crafted with luxurious lycra, promises comfort and style in equal measure. From a range of colours and patterns, they are simply irresistible. If you’ve got curled hair, don't despair - our hair turban for curly hair is here to protect and nourish it.

 Make sure every ensemble embraces perfection with our trendy range of curly hair turban and turban caps – now is the time to style up!