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Satin Bonnets - Lycra Band With No Tying Option

A nighttime essential for gorgeous hair

Sale priceRs. 680.00

Satin bonnets are an integral part of any curl care routine as they protect your hair from breakage and frizz, while keeping your curls and waves intact. These double-layered bonnets also help prevent moisture loss that results from sleeping on cotton pillowcases without any hair protection.

Key Benefits

Prevents breakage
Fights frizz
Satin Bonnet
Satin Bonnets - Lycra Band With No Tying Option Sale priceRs. 680.00

Satin Bonnets - Lycra Band With No Tying Option

All You Need To Know

Manetain - For curlyheads

At Manetain, we understand how complex and emotional your relationship with your hair can be, especially if its textured. If you’ve spent years fighting your curls and waves and repeatedly struggling to get them to conform, it’s time to finally fall in love with your naturally gorgeous hair! Developed by founders Yuba and Hinshara, devout followers of the Curly Girl Method, all Manetain products are CG-approved and CG-friendly. What are you waiting for? It’s time to reclaim your mane with Manetain!